Monday, July 07, 2008

Punta Alta

Yes--- I'm breaking the silence.

I just got back from a few weeks in Argentina ( I lucked out and got to go again!) . I spent the first half with my friend Ken Colorado who invited me down to help him out on a sculpture project. We spent a few days in Buenos Aires where he introduced me to Andrea Juan who shares Ken's goal of bringing attention to climate change through art. Afterwards, Ken and I went to Punta Alta to work on the ice core sculptures with Uretec.

An ice core sculpture with text from Lynne Cox. Lynne is an amazing woman who among many many incredible feats swam in the waters of Antarctica for 30 minutes without a wetsuit.... normal people die after 10 - 15 minutes in water that cold.
(If you click the photo it gets larger & you might be able to read some of the text).

Ken and Roberto discussing the project. Roberto is the owner of Uretec and a wonderful person.... even if he doesn't like the way I make coffee ;0)

More ice core sculptures, these have writings of Russian & Argentinean scientists.


patrick said...

Very cool (no pun intended)

I wish I could get a better view of those sculpted ice cores. How cold is that room kept?

Welcome back.

Antrese said...

They're actually made of acrylic; some of poly-resin. But the room was pretty cold ;o)