Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orphaned Works: Yep, there's more

An audio interview with illustrator Brad Holland.
"If you have never paid attention to copyright law, now is the time"

Lawrence Lessig on the U.S. Copyright Office Report on Orphan Works .

"I think this both goes too far, and not far enough."
Note that this refers to the Copyright Office Report; this video predates the 2008 bills. More on his blog here.

(Thanks for the link "Pseudonym")


naturline said...

I agree! Great concept on this one.
tank you
Tienen buenos conceptos.
me gusto mucho el blog

patrick said...

Now I fully understand. I feel somehow enlightened.

Antrese said...

aaah yes we could all do with some enlightenment! Keep harassing your congressmen...