Thursday, June 07, 2007

Last Call

I'm not in this show but I'm planning to see it during this month's artwalk in downtown LA.

Nice to see that the city of Los Angeles holds historic buildings with such high regard, but hey--at least the police cars will be nice and shiny:

M.J. Higgins fine art & furnishings
244 South Main Street, L. A.,California 90012,
213.617.1700 Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm

U r b a n s c a p e s a n d L a n d s c a p e s
J u n e 1 4 - A u g u s t 4, 2 0 0 7

Opening: Thursday, June 14, 6-9pm
During the Downtown Art Walk

Artists: Jamie Ennen, Dick Heimbold, Star Higgins and William Wray

This will be an evolving six week plus exhibition due to the fact that the City of Los Angeles has begun eminent domain proceedings to take over our beloved 1896 building, the birthplace of the Gallery Row Organization and The Gallery Row District. The City is taking the property for the purpose of creating a five story Police parking structure complete with a fueling station, maintenance center and car wash for 1,000 police cars. Last spring our "Eminent Domain" exhibition shed light on the City's short sighted plan to do away with the only green space public park slated for the developing downtown and instead build the new Police headquarters on the site, the block south of City Hall. In light of these developments we are calling this exhibition a "Cash & Carry" style show where art works will be allowed to be taken when purchased (credit & checks accepted). Works sold will be replaced by work by the same artist or another landscape artist we currently represent, perhaps through September 8th!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Old Friends

I did this last month at Jax. These guys were great. I have a bunch of sketches of them because they made the mistake of sitting in front of me. The guy in the center is very expressive when he talks. He was hard to get because he never sits still --I'll post more later. Very funny man. The guy on the left, Jose is his cousin (I think?) and was visiting from Mexico. On the right is a fellow artist. They seemed to have known each other for many many years when you've known someone that long theres a level of comfort and familiarity-- and a lot of stories. Very interesting to talk to.