Saturday, April 19, 2008

What is art?

Some great quotes/references:
  • "I love it the fact that theres that Elephant at the zoo painting..."
  • "Now the monkey that throws poo, hes making art...cause he's living in the experience" (gotta admit Im unfamiliar with this one)
  • "The gorilla* don't know what he's doing. That's a monkey painting, dude."
  • "Some of that modern art sometimes getting waaaay out of context man, they trying to push the limit, trying to be the next Van Gogh or whatever..."
  • "I hate how people don't think that Dogs playing poker is high art..."
  • "It's Pop Art, isn't it?"
  • "Just because you say its art doesnt mean its art. For instance, in central park? that moron with the flags? That was not art."
  • "Look at that painting on our wall over there, by Jackson Pollock**" -"It's hideous!"
  • "My biggest pet peave in the whole world, is dolphin art I reeeeaaaaaly don't like that...."
  • "Oh!, Who's the guy on TV? Hi, the happy squirrel, lets make some happy clouds, we're gonna get the big fanning brush...."
  • "I think modern 20th century art, if you don't discuss comic books, you're just a snob or a fool."
  • "My face looks kinda lika a Picasso ..."
    (this clip of Picasso painting is in French but you dont need a with it)
  • "I consider ballet or interpretive dance, ala Matha Graham or something like that, yeah, that's artistic..." (and a cut off video)

*much was made about the subsequent auction....and sale prices)
** a fun site where you can (Make your own art)

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