Friday, April 04, 2008

Brewery Artwalk

The Brewery Artwalk is this
Saturday and Sunday, April 5 & 6th, 11AM - 6PM.
642 Moulton Ave. # E26, Los Angeles, CA
(directions to the loft are on my website:

The Brewery is the largest Artists colony in Los Angeles. Twice a year, the Brewery opens its doors to the public, and yes, its that time again. I will be showing with Chris Tellez and Daniel Brooks. Please come by, and say hello!


vickie said...

hi Antrese, hope the artwalk was great...camille's birthday party this weekend, wiped....krista and kathryn said they were going to see your work! did you finish the dead trees piece? anxious to see that one.

love you and dinner/drinks soon, haven't forgotten.

Anonymous said...

crap I missed it. when's the next one?

Wil Panganiban

Antrese said...

aw..Sorry you missed it; it will be great to see you again! The next one will be in October....I'll keep you posted ;o)