Friday, December 21, 2007


We spent about a week in Bariloche with Guille, Sofi and Paz. Sofi's parents let us stay in their apartment there. Bariloche is a ski/ resort town in southern Argentina. The apartment window looks out over the lake, two of the sketches I did from the kitchen table. Guille took us to the other side of the lake to a gorgeous campsite. Natalia, Sofi and Guille actually met there on a camping trip way back when (high school, I think). I stayed back on the beach to sketch while most everyone else hiked up to see the waterfalls. Later in the week we went on a boat tour of the lake and did some fishing but I didn't paint that day (kinda hard on a boat....).

From the kitchen window:

Down the street:

On the other side of the lake:


paige said...

gorgeous studies, antrese.

are you back yet???????

Antrese said...

Mentally? No.

Physically-- got back yesterday. I'm not sure why I got on the return flight.

Ready for a margerita? ;o)