Monday, June 26, 2006

London Part 2

More from my trip to London. These were on Sunday June 4. I was completely jet-lagged so I gave up trying to sleep around 6 AM. I decided to take a walk. I don't scare easily but London at 6:30 AM was pretty sketchy. Lots of drunks still stumbling around from a night at the clubs looking for a fight on one side of the street; on the other, the more dodgy of the homeless.

I finally found a steady flow of joggers along the Thames and some gardners at the Victoria Embankment Gardens so I hung out there until the rest of the city woke up. The lawn in front of the National Gallery was covered with broken bottles and sleeping drunks when I walked by at 6:30. By 9 it was immaculate and ready for tourists. When I came back around lunch, I decided not to sit on the grass.

7AM along the Thames

Outside Pret a Manger

Trafalgar Square

Leicester Square

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