Thursday, June 22, 2006

25 minute quick paint

These are oil on canvas board. I'm taking a class with the fabulous Michelle Dunaway (at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art) --each pose is 25 minutes. Yeah-- for a full figure. I thought she was nuts too when she told me about the class but its very cool and very fun. Very.

This morning I was a little slow, so I spent it drinking coffee, doing laundry and other too exciting to mention here house chores. I didn't make it out for my early morning paint session before work. But my house is very clean (that's how I procrastinate). Its way too hot to go on my lunch hour, so this evening's post is not from my sketchbook but they fit the pattern of 30 minutes or less so here you go:


Anonymous said...

I hope you post more of your quick paint figures as the class continues. - t10

Antrese said...

Thanks T10, I will :o)