Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Get out and VOTE!

I love, love, love this time in our political process. Even if I'm disappointed by the results, I still get very excited about the prospect of change.

I refrain from using this blog to spout off on politics/current events. Not because I don't have an opinion or don't pay attention (SO not true) but there are enough political blogs out there and I'd much rather debate people in person. Its a lot more fun (I get to watch your face turn red and wonder if the vein on your forehead could, in fact, pop....).

I will say this though: If you are in a state that is holding its primary elections today-- GET OUT AND VOTE! (please).

Think of it this way: By not voting you renounce your right to complain. No complaining for 4 (actually closer to 5) years.

Especially in front of me. If you do, regardless of where we are, I will cover my ears and sing la la la la--very loudly. Trust me, no one wants that. There's a reason I'm a painter and not a singer. Its not pretty.

So please... vote.

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