Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is Good...

I can't understand where November went. A friend mentioned that my blog hasn't been updated lately. I just now realized the last entry was 3 weeks ago. How does that happen? I tend to blog more when Im on the road which makes no sense on one level (much easier at home where a computer is readily available) but all the sense in the world from another: my daily life isnt that exciting. Wake up, drink coffee, sit on couch and look at painting, think think think, realize painting wont paint itself- get off butt, paint paint paint... wonder what that grumbling noise is... realize coffee isnt really breakfast (yes, Its a daily epiphany) eat lunch 'cause its already past 2 (what?!?).... sit on couch, stare at painting.... glare at painting if I dont like it.....think think think.....paint paint paint..... sleep. You can copy/paste that in for the first half of the month. The second half of the month there was more thinking than painting (and many other finely honed procrastination techniques). My attention span evaporated. I blame it on the holidays and the fact that I'm leaving tomorrow for Argentina. Something Ive been very very excited about.

Oh wait--- I did take a mini road trip to Utah. I passed through Nevada and came to the firm conclusion that I really don't like it. I admit I don't know the state well. The little time I've spent in Nevada has been in Las Vegas. I can handle Vegas in small doses (maybe once a year... maybe.. but not for more than 24 hours and I have to be in exactly the right mood). I had always assumed that outside of Vegas, Nevada must be very nice so I was looking forward to finding a more interesting part of the state. It actually got worse. It made Vegas looks like Disneyland. Something about that place makes my skin crawl. I got really creeped out (this from the girl who has no problem sleeping in her car on a deserted road) and decided to keep driving rather than get a hotel room (yeah... wouldn't even sleep in a hotel there). It possibly had something to do with the really creepy couple who pulled their car next to mine in a parking lot a few hours outside of Vegas. They started yelling for my attention-- both my windows and their windows were closed...(which makes me wonder... why didn't they at least open theirs?). So I pretended not to notice and left.

Anyway, I was very excited to see the Arizona state line. I ended up in Zion NP in Utah and painted there. Zion is gorgeous. As an added bonus, you don't have that creepy feeling that you are being watched by everyone and that one of them is going to chop you up into little pieces and feed you to their genetically enhanced goldfish. Maybe I'm just more comfortable around slightly buzzed rock climbers who haven't showered in a day or two because they're camping, as opposed to really drunk bulgy eyed gamblers who haven't showered in weeks because...uh... they couldn't leave the table? Sorry if you're from NV--- no offense intended.... maybe the northern part of the state is nicer? Maybe I passed through on an off day? I'm sure the rest of the state is beautiful.

So.... Argentina. Tomorrow. I'll be traveling which means I will blog more than once a month. Stay tuned. Be good while Im away.

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paige said...

WOW, Zion!?!! I love it there. Glad you kept movin' (away from the scary couple)

I do believe the Northern part of the state is much nicer...though, I've only really been in Tahoe and Reno.

Please call as soon as you get back from Argentina! We need to grab a drink! Hope you're having the best time ever.