Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Musician

This is a 30 X 40" rough lay in of my next piece. I do plan on giving him feet--never fear...

My Neighbor just dropped by with a friend of his who is extrordinarily dialed into the Latino art scene here in LA. He rattled off about 15 - 20 artists of which I knew of exactly one. In my defense-- while it is very possible I flat out dont know of these artists, it is also quite possible that I do in fact know their work and yet my brain cells simply refuse to cooperate by putting 2 and 2 together. I blame it on the paint fumes if that is the case... that and Ive never been good at recalling names.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting him to see a show at the Self Help Graphics Gallery before it gets taken down. Im going to get edjumacated on the history of Latino Art in LA. I am very very excited about this! I love it when random people drop by my house!!

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