Sunday, July 15, 2007

On the Road Again..

I've been in Vancouver once or twice before, but it was for work, so didn't get to explore much. Doesn't really count. This time, I got a lot more wandering in. Ken and Mary have a few places here, so I bounced between two of them, both a few blocks from Stanley Park or a few blocks from the beach, depending on which direction I head out in. I spent a lot of time walking around the city and the beaches. Went through China Town and got a lot of good painting reference, even made it to a Jazz club and got some got some good musician reference. Were heading back to Seattle tonight and then Portland in the morning. As soon as I can get my sketches digitized, Ill post them!



paige said...

Awesome! Looking forward to your next post, missy!

Patrick said...

Darn! I was too late in pushing for you to ferry out to the islands while you were up in Vancouver. Salt Spring Island is particularly delightful for the rouge artist.

Happy trails

Antrese said...

Bummer! Maybe I'll make it back up there and see Salt Spring Isl...ya never know!