Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bad, Bad Blogger....

I never kept a journal when I was a kid either. Except in 6th grade but only because I was being graded on it. Its not that I don't want to its just that I'm lazy about it. I keep thinking I will get to it later in the day but I dont. I even have a ton of sketches to post I just....havent done it. Apparently I need to put this in my schedule too! So here's the scoop (some of you got my email/newsletter so sorry for the repeat):

Update & News:
Last month's Brewery Artwalk was a great success, & I want to thank
you so much for your support!

The most common question I get now days is "what's it like not
working?" . I want to say that its fabulous. I want to say that I get
up every morning, put on my striped shirt and black beret and create
masterpiece after masterpiece while sipping espresso. Thats only
partly true. It is fabulous but its also kind of scary. I do drink a
lot of coffee, but I don't own a beret and not every piece is a
masterpiece. I'm learning a lot about myself and how I work. So far,
the most important thing I've learned is that I can't focus without a

Last week I had my first panic attack. I felt like May had flown by
and had nothing to show for it. Over the weekend I let the other side
of my brain take over and created a schedule and spreadsheet that
would make my past project managers proud. This week a few seeds I
planted recently broke through the ground and I realized I actually
did accomplish something:

• I was invited to be in the May group show at the Hive Gallery in
downtown LA and will have another piece in the June show (see below
for opening info).

• Returning to my roots, I signed on at a new gallery in Claremont,
my hometown. Loft 205 gallery currently has 4 pieces that debuted at
the Brewery last month: my two largest steel pieces and two
portraits. The Director wants a studio visit already so my studio
inventory is rapidly declining. Artist reception is next week, see
info below.

• Virtual Art Scope ( ), a Los Angeles
based art consulting firm has officially launched its website. I am
on their featured works page.

• I spent a week in Mammoth landscape painting, some of the pieces
are on my website under New work.

Not too shabby! So what's next? June will be spent locked in my
studio for the most part. According to my schedule I have a lot of
work to do ;o)

I will be traveling for most of July. A fabulous opportunity landed
in my lap and I have to take it. More on that as it develops but for
now I don't want to jinx it!


Los Angeles:
Hive Gallery Opening is this Saturday, June 2 from 8pm to 12:30am.
The Hive openings are becoming a very popular part of the LA scene
and attract a very diverse crowd. It should be a lot of fun. Aside
from the great artwork, there will be a live band, food & drinks and
fabulous people watching!
More info at the hive website:
The show runs June 2 through July 1.

Art Loft 205 Artist's Reception is next Saturday, June 9 from 4 - 6pm.
More info at the Art Loft 205 website:
My work will be there on an on going basis.

Art Loft 205 is a new gallery in the recently renovated Claremont Ice
House. Downstairs from the gallery is the new Claremont Museum as
well as a creative studio for kids.

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paige said...

WOW! Antrese...a month out and look all that you've accomplished. I am very impressed. Teach me how to make a spread sheet!

Cannot wait to check out the latest works!!!