Thursday, April 05, 2007

News News News

Yes, I realize its been...umm...awhile since I've posted but um...Im not even going to bore you with an excuse. Busy?? :o)

The big news:
I've quit my job to focus on my painting. I'm going to spend at least the remainder of this year working on pieces that I've been wanting to do, but havent had the time (or energy). I'm beyond excited to be able to devote myself to my work full time! I do the dance of joy each morning while I make the long commute to my studio (AKA my dining room) to start work.

Newsflash #2 : Save the Date: April 21 and 22 10AM to 6PM
I will be participating in the Spring Los Angeles Brewery Artwalk. Come on by and see the show!

642 Moulton Ave #E26
Los Angeles CA
(map is on or you can google it)

I've been working on some new stuff. Very excited about it! Here's a color study for one of the pieces to whet your appetite:

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amie said...

you are so awesome! congratulations on painting full-time. i'm so glad we met.