Sunday, August 27, 2006

8.26 Mammoth

I went up to Bishop this weekend to crash my brother's fishing trip. I drove up after work and found him in a hotel ( he had a bit of a tent malfunction which didn't go well with high winds). He's one of the last people in the greater LA area without a cell phone. I just happened to call my mom on the way up, just to say hi...otherwise I would have been wandering the Bishop campsites looking for a red truck.

We decided to get up at 4:15am the next morning so we would have plenty of time to eat breakfast and drive up to Mammoth because we wanted to be at Devil's Post Pile by 6. Amazing. We were ready to go and out the door by 4:30. We hiked, Jack fished and I painted. Later we drove up to June Lakes. I did a really crappy color sketch there (won't torture you with that one...), and then some pencil sketches.

Rainbow Falls, Mammoth CA

Jack Fishing at Devil's Post Pile.

One of the Lakes and Jack fishing (June Lake area, can't remember which lake.)

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